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Woman Posing for Photo with Octopus Bitten Twice on the Face

A woman was at a fishing derby in Tacoma, Washington last week when she encountered a group of fishermen who had landed a small octopus. This woman put the octopus on her face to pose for a photo to be a part of the fishing derby photo contest. The octopus put its beak into her chin. It was like a barbed hook going into her skin and was bleeding for a while after the bite.

She said she continued fishing for two days before going to the ER for the pain she was continuing to feel from the bites. The octopus, believed to be a Pacific red octopus or a juvenile giant Pacific, had injected her with venom.

Would you know not to put a small octopus on your face? Or does that kind of go under the general prohibition against putting any strange creatures on your face?

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