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On This Day Back in 1993…

Reba McEntire & Vince Gill shared the top spot on the Billboard country singles chart with “The Heart Won’t Lie.”

“The Heart Won’t Lie” as told by Reba: “Originally Kenny Rogers and I were looking at doing this song as a duet but we could never get it to sound just right because of the different ranges of our voices. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out. Later when I was working on a new CD, I remembered that song and called Kenny to see if he was recording it and if not, could I have it and he passed it along to me. We asked Vince Gill to sing the background harmonies on the song. Tony Brown, who was co-producing the CD with me, suggested letting Vince do more than just sing harmony on the song, so he took a couple of verses, and we decided to turn it into a duet.

“It worked out well in the end for everyone – except, I think, Vince. He doesn’t really care for videos and this one turned into a four-day shoot. It was great to spend time with Vince and get to watch him do what he called his Gomer Pyle imitation for his character. But I had to promise him that if he ever does another song with me, he will never have to suffer through a four-day video shoot again!”

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