Those Lords Don’t Leap Cheap!!

The cost for all 12 items on the famed “12 Days of Christmas” list has risen about 0.6% this year or around $200, and sits at approximately $34,558.65. This includes the cost of a “partridge in a pair tree” which will run you about $199.95 (up from last year), 5 golden rings which will set you back about $750 and a staggering $5,618.90 for the “Lords a Leaping” BUT, on the bright side, that is a decrease of 2% from last year! So Lords don’t leap cheap, but they are at least leaping cheaper than they used to.

Now this all changes when you decide to order it all online. You can expect your cost to be in the neighborhood of $45,096 with $10,538 in shipping and fees. Oh and you know those “lords” won’t be “leaping” and the partridge will have abandoned the tree by the time the post office finishes folding them up and shoving them in your mailbox!



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