Everyday Hero: Angel Jackson – November 2017

Angel Jackson November 2017

Congratulations and appreciation goes out to Angel Jackson for being this week’s recipient of the Everyday Hero Award!

Ms. Angel was nominated by her teen daughter and we think that says a lot right there! A strong, single mom of her daughter and son, Angel has worked very hard to take care of her kids.

She works more than 96 hours a week at Texoma Community Center with extremely difficult cases and challenging situations. Even so, she still makes time to volunteer and help others. If someone has a need, she does her best to fill it, even if she doesn’t have much to give. She goes out of her way to make people who are often overlooked, feel that they are valued.

She gives of her time and energy without expecting anything in return.

For every thing you do Ms. Jackson, Texas Star Bank and 93.1 Katy Country say “Thank You!”

You are truly an Everyday Hero!

Have a listen to the interview with Angel Jackson





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