Elves Family (2021)


Single mother, Air Force veteran that works full time. Would like to go back to school to provide a better life for her children.

13 year old girl

CLOTHING: Womens medium in shirts, leggings. Would like gray and white, high top tennis shoes in womens 6.5. INTERESTS: Loves make up and working out – desperately needs a full size bed spread and sheet set in a solid red or blue.

12 year old girl

CLOTHING: needs tennis shoes in a womens size 6.5 and womens size medium in shirts and hoodies. INTERESTS: Loves anime, my hero academia, art sketch books, paints, colored pencils. Also needs a full size bed spread and sheet set, any color.

9 year old boy

CLOTHING: Wears a medium in boys shirts, 10-12 in pants-needs hoodies in a boys medium. INTERESTS: Sports, really needs a full size bedspread and sheet set-any color.


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