Ever get that disturbing feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re forgetting to do something or that something just isn’t quite right?

If you run or manage a business, you probably get that feeling more than you like to admit. Because your experience tells you that what you don’t know CAN hurt your business.

Eagle Employer Services in Denison has TONS of interesting stories about people they’ve worked with who had those same lingering feelings…and, as you’ll soon see, for very good reason!

The moral of these little stories – the little things DO matter!


A Heaping Helping of Anxiety

Once upon a time there was a nice business owner who thought he was doing everything right…until he was audited by the state after one of his employees filed for unemployment. The employee was given a 1099 for their work as a subcontractor, so no withholding or taxes had been paid. Unfortunately, for the business owner, the state proclaimed the employee actually did the kind of work that meant they should have been given a W-2, where withholding & taxes had been paid.

Before they knew it, the business owner was having to pay penalties to the state, pay previous withholding & even pay the matching taxes for many, many years before. They never knew they were making a mistake…they had always done it this way.

Well, the business owner learned from this nightmare & decided they needed a guide to help them along this business journey. A guide who knew all the little details & rules about payroll, HR and making sure employees were paid & taxes taken out…the right way. So, they could get back to doing what they did best, which wasn’t any of that stuff.

This story has a happy ending, though. The business owner found their guide – they got help from a wise Eagle…Eagle Employer Services in Denison, TX.


The Dreaded Letter

Imagine a world where a hard-working business owner or manager lazily thumbs through their mail on what seemed like a normal day, only to find an envelope containing some of the scariest symbols and text of ALL TIME – like the logo of the Internal Revenue Service or the State Unemployment Department, with OFFICIAL NOTICE or URGENT or some other fear-inducing message!!!

The business owner immediately gets that horrible sinking feeling, cold sweats, their mind races about what the contents of this relatively innocent-looking rectangle might be. Is it a notice for unpaid or late payments, miscalculated fees or some other offense? Will you owe them money, plus penalties, plus interest, plus your first-born child?

You can’t ignore it, the problem won’t go away! But you’ll need to answer whatever question they have about what you’ve done…or didn’t do. What will you say? Will that be wrong, too? Will this ever end?

Now, take a deep breath. What if you someone else took care of that stuff for you? That would be GREAT, right?

A quick solution – Eagle Employer Services in Denison, TX – we’re responsible for collecting, paying & reporting. We even receive and answer any correspondence you get from those agencies.

Whew! Crisis averted.


A Little Bit of Loyalty Goes a Long Way

There once was a business owner who was very, very loyal,

Loyal to their family.

Loyal to their friends.

Loyal to their customers.

Loyal to their Payroll & HR company.

But wait, you ask, why is that last one important?

Well, their family gives them the love they need to want to keep running their business.

Their friends give them the companionship they need to want to keep running their business.

Their customers give them the revenue & feedback they need to want to keep running their business.

And their Payroll & HR company give them the peace of mind they need to want to keep running their business.

When you have so much support around you, why would you change any of it?

(This particular story is based on an Eagle Employer Services client who’s been with them for 20 years!)


Location, Location, Location

Here’s a little history lesson for you. The Eagle Employer Services office is located in a building that was added to the front of the historic Maples-Platter building on Main Street in Downtown Denison, TX.

In fact, when we were remodeling our offices, we exposed the old brick front of the Maples-Platter building – and you can STILL see the old brick archways. When we discovered that old brick, we were very excited. Only serious historians probably know how long it had been since that brick had seen the light of day in many, many years!

During the remodeling, we also learned that our building was an old ENCO filling station – from sometime in the 1930’s until the 1960’s – until it became an auto parts store.

We actually found an old picture (it had fallen behind a peg board display wall) from when it was a parts store. Check out that classic car sitting out front:

Eagle Employer Services purchased the building and relocated from McKinney to Downtown Denison. When we made the move, we commissioned Starr Studios to design and paint a sign on the side of the building facing Main Street to welcome people to Denison and make it look like it had been there for many years. He did a great job!

During the remodel we knew that “Pretty Boy Floyd” was known to hide out in this area since he was from Coffeeville, just a short distance from us up 75 in Kansas. Other gangsters known to come around were the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

Every day we go to the office, we can’t help but wonder if anyone has any stories that have been lost that belong to our historic building?

The inside of the building is now completely remodeled and we always welcome people to come inside and take a look around. we love Denison and we love our location. We are so very grateful that Denison & Texoma have adopted us!


As you can see in the very entertaining stories above, Eagle Employer Services in Denison, TX is A LOT more than just a simple Payroll & HR Service Company. Sure, we take care of all the paperwork & stuff like that. But, we also regularly help our clients eliminate anxiety, reduce fear, give peace of mind & let them get back to focusing on running a successful business. It’s what we do best.

Learn how Eagle Employer Services can help you and your business at https://eagleemployerservices.com/ or give them a call at (903) 463-4000.


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