Whether you’re turning 65 in 2020, or you reached that wonderful milestone a couple of years ago, it’s something you should be PROUD of and EXCITED about!

At this point, you’ve learned that life doesn’t end at 65 – it gets sweeter and in a lot of ways…cheaper.

In this guest post from Ask the Medicare Guys in Sherman, TX, we’re going to take a fun trip through some of the decades to jog your memory & help you remember some of the most popular & interesting toys, TV shows, fashion styles, Country music and other things you were lucky enough to experience first-hand.

Oh, the stories you must have to tell!

Being born in the early to mid 1950’s puts you in a unique position as being part of the extremely large Baby Boomer generation. As a little kid growing up in this time of American prosperity & growth after WWII, you probably ran around wearing your favorite Cowboy outfit or complained about how uncomfortable that poodle skirt your Mom made you wear was.

You sat, mesmerized, watching Howdy Doody by yourself or I Love Lucy with your family on your TV set. And your favorite toys were probably Mr. Potato Head or even that gorgeous Barbie doll.

Do you remember riding around in the family car…with NO seat belts? Gasp!

And, if you think really hard, you can probably recall being around while your parents listened to Hank Williams and Patsy Cline on the radio.


As your age grew to double digits in the 1960’s, you saw the incredible changes happening in the United States & around the world.

You rode your bike WITHOUT a helmet! Again, gasp! And, of course, you had to clip some baseball cards to the spokes, so it made that really neat noise.

When you weren’t outside playing (by yourself), you might have been in your room playing with your Easy Bake Oven or your GI Joe Action Figures!

You heard the unmistakable music of Loretta Lynn & Johnny Cash on the radio and, to your parent’s chagrin, may have even been caught up in Beatlemania and the British Explosion!

Your family probably watched episodes of Bonanza & the Andy Griffith Show on TV.

And, as the decade came to a close, and you heard talk about someplace called Vietnam, you and your friends went from wearing Bouffant hairdos to groovy psychedelic & tie dyed clothes (again, probably against your parents’ wishes).


Congratulations! You managed to survive the decade that introduced DISCO! We know it was a very exhausting time.

You probably spent hours trying to figure out what that stuff was inside your Stretch Armstrong or mindfully taking care of your pet rocks.

And, you also had to really focus while walking around, just to keep from getting tripped up by your gigantic bell bottoms & platform shoes. Also, how many hours did you spend searching through the clothing racks at the department store to find the perfect wide collar shirt? Come on…be honest!

If you weren’t hanging with your friends, then you probably watched episodes of The Brady Bunch & Hee Haw.

On your radio, you nodded along to the catchy tunes of Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson or got caught up in the rhythmic tones of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

And, as far as your other “extracurricular” activities…we’ll just keep all that to ourselves. Right?


By the 1980’s you had graduated from college or trade school & probably already started a family. This decade was a great one for Baby Boomers, also known as the “Greed Decade” – where it was all about how much stuff could we accumulate.

But really, the only thing you managed to accumulate was likely the ever present sticky residue of AquaNet…on your hair, on your clothes, on your hands, on your mirror…yeah, just about everywhere.

This might be the decade where, ladies, you bought your first pantsuit (with nearly football gear size shoulder pads) to wear to work or, as a guy, wanted to be like Don Johnson. But, unfortunately, wearing pastel suits & ties just doesn’t look right on someone in their mid to late 30s. Something your kids will NEVER let you live down.

Speaking of your kids, you searched high & low (might have even fought someone) just to find that Cabbage Patch Kid at the store in time for Christmas or, just to shut them up, you finally broke down and bought them their first Nintendo – the NES. And, you probably didn’t see them again for the next few years, because they were always glued to the TV playing their “stupid” video games!

You’d force the kids to join you for some “family time” and watch new episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard, The Golden Girls, ALF or Family Ties.

On the radio, you tried to tune out the kids by turning up the latest hits from Alabama and Reba McEntire. Or, they insisted that you tune the radio to the station that plays bands with strange names like Def Leppard, Guns N Roses and Motley Crue.


Now that we find ourselves in the final decade of the Millennium, your teenage kids are already off to college or about to graduate from High School. It’s amazing how time flies.

You stare, disapprovingly at your rowdy teens – the boys with their oddly saggy jeans and the girls always wearing denim overalls for some reason. Does he need a belt? Maybe she wants to work on a farm? They don’t acknowledge you, so you never really get a chance to ask.

You find yourself watching Walker, Texas Ranger and Law & Order alone or with your husband or wife, but almost always without the kids these days.

So, what are you going to do with all your time now? You get a brilliant idea – you’ll start a Beanie Babies collection! Perfect!

On your way to the store to see if you can find that hard-to-find beanie, you hear the golden voice of Garth Brooks and the upbeat dance tunes from Shania Twain on the radio. But, you can’t help wonder, why does Shania sound like that Def Leppard band my kids used to listen to? Hmmm…


With the 2000’s you experience even more changes.

You finally come to terms with being an empty nester.

You find that, without the kids around, it’s almost like you got a raise.

You enjoy traveling more, you enjoy spending time with your kids during the Holidays and, if you’re really lucky, you get to love on your grandbabies, spoil them rotten and send back home. Serves them right for ignoring you for so many of their teen years.

You may forget things from time to time now, but you’ve certainly earned the right to be forgiven for that.

You may have a few more aches & pains than you used to, but that just proves you’re still active.

Wow! What a ride!

And, there’s still so much to see & experience.

Jeff and Robert at Ask the Medicare Guys in Sherman know that, when you turn 65, your priorities are to spend time with your family, travel & enjoy the little things in life. I mean, this should be EASY, right?

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