KMKT Katy country strausser toy drive


Stocking Family


14 year old girl


Pants: 6 skinny jeans; jr size 5

Shirt:  Small Adult

Shoe: 8 1/2 women’s would love a pair of converse


Socks: ankle socks

Coat: Needs a warm jacket; size Adult small

Christmas wishes:  mini video camera, her favorite color is purple, she is asking for scarves, gloves, she would love music (wants a Hunter Hayes CD)


15 year old boy


Pants: 31X32

Shirt: Small in Men’s

Shoe: 14 in Men’s (he would like a pair of combat boots)

Underwear: Men’s small boxer

Socks: he wants black socks

Coat: Needs a winter coat, Size Adult Small

Christmas wishes: he loves hunting, cars, he REALLY wants to join the Marines, he would like an X-Box game system with a few military games


July of this year this family’s house burnt to the ground and they are now homeless.  They are staying with family in Denison.  Mom is on disability so money is tight and they are on a fixed income.  The school has stepped in to help, but these kids are in need of everything.  Please help them get into the Christmas spirit and spread some joy to these very deserving children.





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