KMKT Katy country strausser toy drive


Noel Family
11 year old boy
Pant:  14 reg
Shirt:  Adult small
Shoe:  8 youth
Underwear: Boxers size XL boys
Socks:  ankle socks
Coat:  Doesn’t need one
Christmas wish: anything sports related; his favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys; he would love a Dallas Cowboy hoodies
5 year old girl
Pant: 6 slim (super skinny Old Navy brand fits best)
Shirt: small in girl’s
Shoe: 12 youth
Socks:  mix-n-match socks
Christmas wishes: princess stuff, barbie stuff, purse, loves anything girlie
4 year old boy
Pant:  5T
Shirt: 5T
Shoe:  12
Underwear: size 5 in boys (loves cars and trucks)
Socks:  ankle size medium in boys
Coat:  5T coat and and a light jacket would be nice
Christmas wishes:  monster trucks, cars, football, he likes the Dallas Cowboys, he would love a bike since his is broken
2 year old boy
Pant:  3T
Shirt: 3T
Shoe:  10 1/2 boys (would love velcro shoes)
Underwear: size 2 ( loves car and trucks)
Coat: needs a light jacket 3T
Christmas wishes:  he loves cars motorcycles, trains, monster trucks
This family is in need of hope during the holiday season.  Dad broke his neck after falling down a flight of stairs and now is unable to work.  Mom is the only source of income right now.  The medical bills are staggering...utilities still need to be paid...but there will not be enough money to pay for Christmas.  These children need something wonderful in their lives...they need YOU.  Please help these parents give their kids a Christmas they will never forget.  


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