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Mistletoe Family


5 Years old:

Pants: 7 reg boy’s

Shirt:  Medium 7/8 boy’s

Socks: any kind will do

Underwear:  10 boy’s boxer briefs

Belt: needs one

Shoe: 13

Coat/Jacket: Boy’s Medium

Big Wish: Dinosaurs, “Stompies” dragon house shoes,  Dream Lights Stuffed Animals, needs a bike, likes to read books


15 years old boy

Pants: 36x35 jeans

Shirt:  XL Adult

Underwear: Boxer Briefs large men’s

Socks: longer socks to go with boots (not tube socks)

Belt: needs a couple belts

Shoe: 10 ½  would like work boot look

Jacket/coat: Adult XL “Texas Longhorn”

Big Wish: loves to read (fantasy type or Stephen King and/or ghost story/mystery), would like games to go with his PS2 wrestling or fighting games, would love a remote control helicopter (huge wish), would like magic cards for Dungeons and Dragons


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