This family has been adopted by the Hunt family!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Mistletoe Family

This is a grandmother and grandfather who have been taking care of this kids since birth. Mom is in prison. Dad lives in another state, and doesn't try to keep in touch much, if at all. And certainly offers no help. Grandmother is 76 years old. Grandpa is 82. They love and care for these children asking littel from others, (maybe school supplies if they can't get them all). This patched family of five lives solely on the grandparents social security checks. When the grandmother found out of the adoption, she cried. Why? Because she didn't ask. But a school counselor who knows the entire story felt compelled to add them to our list. As you read this, remember, this is a family that believes in love, and kindness. While the children may have to go without when it comes to clothes and toys, they NEVER go without love and caring, thanks to these grandparents.

****If you are thinking about what to get grandma and grandpa, the six year old told us, "Papaw loves oatmeal cookies, and Nana loves chocolate chip cookies".............

Now, the list:


6 year old boy

Shirt size: M (7-8)

Pants size: 8 slim

Shoe size: 1

Wants a battery operated remote control monster truck and batteries. A nerf gun, a stuffed bear.

9 year old girl

Shirt: M(7-8)

Pants: 8 regular

Shoes: 2.5 or 3

Wants a small locker with a, blue or purple....Barbie doll with a brush to comb its hair. Little birds that you tell what to say, and they repeat it back. Toy purse that you can color then use as a real purse.  A water bottle you can decorate, fill with water, and use.

12 year old boy

Shirt: 10-12 LOVES T-SHIRTS

Pants: 10 slim

Coat: Heavy bluejean winter coat size 12

Shoe: 3.5 high top tennis shoes

This boy would love any playstation 3 games, ESPECIALLY "Destiny". Or a gift card for video games.




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