Adopted by The Grayson County Office Of Emergency Management

Kringle Family

8 year old girl

Pant: 8 reg

Shirt: Girl’s size 10-12 or large

Shoe: girl’s 2

Underwear: size 8

Socks: Girl’s medium

Coat: Girl’s large

Christmas wishes: she would like her Nintendo 3DS back, Little’s Pet Shop, or Monster High; she loves anything Monster High (dolls), Disney DVDs, she loves music, loves to play dress-up, she asked Santa for a bike

10 year old girl

Pant: Jr Size 9

Shirt: Medium in Jrs

Shoe: Women’s 8

Underwear: Jr Medium or Large

Socks: Women’s socks

Coat: Adult Medium (warm coat and light jacket)

Christmas wishes: she would like he iPod and her headphones back, she loves Katy Perry, an iTunes card would be great, she is really into clothes and fashion

12 year old girl

Pant: Jr Size 7

Shirt: Jr Size Medium

Shoe: 9 women’s

Underwear: Size 7 in women’s

Sock: Women’s size medium socks

Coat: Needs warm coat Adult Medium

Christmas wishes:  she lost all her scrapbooking things in the fire, she loves arts and crafts

13 year old girl

Pant: Jr Size 7

Shirt: Jr Size Medium

Shoe: 11 women’s

Underwear: Size 7 in women’s

Socks: Elite Nike socks in medium

Coat: Adult Medium (warm coat)

Christmas wish: into basketball, she lost her duffle bag that she LOVED (Nike), loves the outdoors, would love a bike or a scooter for Christmas.

This single mom of four girls lost everything in a fire this summer and had no other choice but to move in with her mother in Denison.  Not only did they loose all their possessions, but the mom has lost her job and is going through a divorce.  The family’s big Christmas wish is to have new beds for mom and the girl’s and the bedding to go along. The kids lost their X-Box along with all their family-friendly games and they would love to have it replaced.



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