Jingle Family

7 year old girl

Pants:  7/8 reg

Shirt: 7/8 girl’s medium        

Shoe: 13-1

Underwear: 7 girl’s   

Socks: girl’s medium socks

Coat: Girl’s Medium (she needs a warm coat and a light jacket)

Christmas wishes:  would love an art easel, markers, glue, scissors, she loves Hello Kitty items, her bike was stolen so she would love a new one.  


Mom is taking care of her grandson who is 4 month old.  One piece sleepers would be appreciated; size 2 diapers.  She would love any age appropriate toys.  


Dad just had a heart attack that has left him with brain damage.  Mom has had to quit her job to take care of her husband.  They are struggling just to keep the utilities paid and there is little left to even put cloths on her six year old daughter and her 4 month old grandson.  Please find it in your heart to adopt these two children and show them that there is still hope for their situation.


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