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This family has been adopted by the Palevo family!! THANK YOU!!

Holly Family

This single mother and her 11 yr old son are currently moving into a temp home, after spending time at a shelter. They were evicted from their home, mom's car was repossessed.  Mom got sick and missed MONTHS of work, putting them over the edge, when they were walking a tight rope before her illness. They have no family to turn to, and are trying to rebuild their lives. As mom tries to help she and her son get back on their feet, let's help mom give her son a great Christmas memory.

****UPDATE**** The boy's old XBox was stolen last night, as their house was broken into the first week they were there. So be mindful when buying for this child....

11 year old boy

Pants – 14/16

Shoes – size 8

Shirt – 12/14

Jacket – 12/14



WWE 2K15 video game for Xbox 360


Deck of Cards

Axe Body Spray


Big Wishes:

Basketball Goal


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