Bell Family
10 year old girl
Pant: 13 juniors
Shirt: XS adult
Shoe: 7 1/2 adult
Bra: sports bras (junior size)
Socks:  no-show socks
Coat: Small adult
Christmas wish:  loves One Direction and Monster High, she loves crafts, and she loves to read
8 years old
Pant: NO JEANS he likes sweat pants size XL boy’s
Shirt: NO TAGS LX in boy’s 
Shoe: boy’s size 2
Underwear: 14/16 briefs
Socks: size boy’s medium
Coat:  Boy’s Large
Christmas wishes:  Ninja turtles, he would like a Wii U with Mario games.
6 year old boy
Pant: 6 slim (very slender so a belt would be good)
Shirt: 8/10 or boy’s medium
Shoe: boy’s 1
Underwear: boy’s size 6
Socks:  ankle socks
Coat: Size Boy’s medium
Christmas wish:  Ninja turtles, Superman and Batman, Spiderman action figures
This single mom of three receives no support from the father.  She works very hard and tries to give all her children the love and support that she can.  She has recently come across hard times when she had to travel to South Texas for her mother’s funeral and soon after that her car broke down.  These things were not in her very small budget.  These children need to know that Santa hasn’t forgotten about them.  Please help this family by show them what Christmas is all about.


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