Bank of America in Denison!! Thank you!!

This is a hard working, humble family that has fallen on hard times. Both parents are working, but only on a limited part-time basis, and unable to pick up any extra hourly work. Bills have eaten up what money they have, and there will be nothing for the kids if we don't help them.

Bell Family
8 year old girl
7/8 shirt size
8 pant size
2 adult on shoes
She LOVES to play with barbies and My Little Pony. She would love a "walking dog" toy, and anything toy-wise from "Frozen".
Her favorite colors are pink and blue.
3 year old boy
3 shirt size
2t/3t pant size
9 kids shoe size
He loves Elmo and Batman! (Or any action heros are great). He loves Care Bears also.
His favorite colors are blue and green.


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