Jun 4, 2014 8:00am - 2:00pm


And we would like for you to be there. This is big for Sherman, Grayson County, and North Texas.

1st MENTAL HEALTH CONFERENCE celebrating the creation of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute of Texas co-hosted by Texoma Health Foundation and Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for Texas.

Austin College, Wednesday, June 4th!

With a $10,000,000 investment from the Meadows Foundation, the Institute was formed to assist in the treatment and education of mental health in Grayson County and counties all over Texas.  The conference will be one of abundant information relating to mental health and the projects/needs of our community.  

8:00 am - 2:00 pm Austin College IDEA CENTER
You are invited to participate in our 1st Mental Health Conference
Celebrate the launch of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for Texas
We’ll discuss how State policies, funding and models relate to our community and highlight mental health projects/needs here at home.
Specifically, the conference will focus on CHILDREN, VETERANS and SMART JUSTICE policies and practices.
Special guests include:
Sonja Gaines, MBA
Associate Commissioner for Mental Health at HHSC
Christie A. Cline, MD, MBA
Mental Health Policy Institute, President of ZiaPartners, Inc. & Board-Certified Psychiatrist
RSVP to:
thornhill@texomahealth.org or contact Nicole at 903.337.0755.
In partnership with Austin College and the TCOG GIS Department, THF will provide GIS mapping of mental health provider site locations, service areas, demographic data, and referral information. The interactive map will not only assist with referrals, but will also help identify gaps in service and needs for our region.



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