Fundraiser Fun Run for John Clifton Cheairs and Family

May 3, 2014 10:00am - 5:00pm

Fundraiser Fun Run for John Clifton Cheairs and Family

100% of ALL proceeds go to John Clifton Cheairs and his family.

Saturday May 3rd, 2014

Registration at Lacey's Bar in Kingston at 10am 

First Bike/Vechicle out at 11am

$25 per person $15 per passenger (Pre-Registration with Wayne or Tyda)

Enjoy the After party festivities and food with 2 Old Gypsies Performing Live!

Prizes will be awarded for Best and Worst Hands Live Auction Tee

Shirts for the first 100 Registries

For Details Contact:

Wayne Mattheis 940-736-9722 or Tyda Bailey 580-565-9931


John Clifton Cheairs "Peace Out Cancer"

Join us May 3rd, 2014 at 10 A.M. for a day of fun on our Peace Out Cancer Fun Run to raise awareness and donations for John Clifton Cheairs. Our mission is to help a dedicated husband and father with cancer, who can't afford increased medical costs or to be out of work.  With financial assistance, this Fun Run hopes to relieve some of the stress, anxiety and hardship to increase their chance of survival.

At the age of just 41, John Clifton Cheairs has unfortunately been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. As you can imagine, his wife and three children are devastated. January 31st he wrote, "Yesterday changed my life; found out that I have the c word."  His latest Facebook post is what inspired us to start this Fun Run. He wrote, "Crazy thing chemo and my radiation treatments have shrunk my hands, all my rings fall off now.  This cancer is no walk in the park. Please don't end up like me.  If there's cancer in your family, get checked!  I just about found out too late and trust me, watching everything I've worked for getting sold to keep groceries and bills paid really sucks and is very dishearting.  But this too shall pass." John has a tough road ahead of him.  He has already gone through one surgery and is currently receiving chemo and radiation. If the tumor shrinks small enough then he will have surgery to remove it. Please make a donation to help John and his family during this difficult time. ANY amount will help and is greatly appreciated! 



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