Pottsboro ISD Founders Drive

Feb 18, 2014 - Mar 7, 2014


The Pottsboro Education Foundation kicked off its initial fundraising drive this fall and is proud to announce that over $88,000 has already been raised to benefit the students of Pottsboro ISD.

  Our goal is $125,000, and the deadline to pledge is March 7.

What is it?

The Pottsboro Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization established in 2013 to generate and distribute resources to enrich, maintain, and expand district programs.

Who benefits?

The students and teachers of Pottsboro ISD, as well as the community.

How does it work?

The foundation raises funds from local businesses, citizens, parents, vendors, and others in the community who want to help our students reach their highest potential.  Teachers in turn apply for grants that will enable them to enhance the educational experience in creative and innovative ways in the classroom and beyond.

When will grants be awarded?

Over $16,000 was given to our first round of grant recipients in early January.  Grants were awarded on all four campuses.  The goal of the foundation is to award grants twice a year.

How can I help?

See the back of this card for more information!


Become a Founding Partner of the Pottsboro Education Foundation!

o   $25,000 or more                                                    Distinguished Partner

o   $10,000                                                                 Diamond Partner

o   $5,000/year for 3 years                                         Platinum Partner

o   $5,000                                                                   Gold Partner

o   $2,500                                                                   Silver Partner

o   $1,000                                                                   Bronze Partner

o   $500                                                                      Partner

o   $250                                                                      Friend



Name ________________________________________

Address ______________________________________

City ________________  State ______  Zip __________

Phone ________________________________________

Email ________________________________________


All Founders gifts of $250 or more may be paid in installments over a two year period, if desired.  Call Lucy Hansen, Executive Director, at 903-771-0083 for details.

For your convenience, your tax deductible donation may also be made through PayPal!  If you received this flyer electronically, click here to Donate to Pottsboro ISD Education Foundation.  Or you may visit our website at www.pottsboroisd.organd click on the Education Foundation banner for more information.

Founding Partners will be acknowledged on a large monument that will be placed in the foyer of the High School.  Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to be recognized for your contribution for years to come!



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