Amazon wants inside your house and your trunk!

What the what?? Amazon wants to take package delivery to the next level. They want access to the trunk of your car…..and even your house!

It’s true, but it is maybe not as invasive as it seems because it would of course be you who gives them the go-ahead to come on in. Amazon is currently in the advanced stages of talks with the company Phrame, who are developing “smart license plates” that will allow Amazon delivery drivers to access your trunk via a secure “key box” and a smart phone app.

Oh but it gets better…..

Amazon is also in the process of developing a “smart doorbell” that would give it’s delivery drivers one time access to your home to drop off packages. I will wait for you to digest that for a minute.  It’s that easy. An app. Both of the devices would create a temporary one time use code used by the delivery person, the purpose being to cut down on the massive amount of stolen lost and damaged packages reported by Amazon customers.